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Flightdeck is a small, minimal set of Docker containers to run PHP applications such as Drupal and Wordpress. You can run Flightdeck locally as a development environment, or in production on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Getting started

Container Library

The core of Flightdeck is a library of Docker containers. Designed to run PHP applications such as Drupal and Wordpress, these containers are are small, flexible, and provide the tools needed to run your site either locally, online in a staging environment, or in production.

Service name Versions Provides
web 7.4, 7.3 PHP, Apache, NPM, Drush, and other CLI tools
db 10.4, 10.3 MariaDB (MySQL compatible)
solr 8.x, 6.x Apache Solr search engine
varnish 6.4 Varnish caching reverse proxy

See the links under Versions above for container specific documentation and source.

This containers aren’t part of Flightdeck, but work well with it:

Service name Pull URL Provides
pma phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin phpMyAdmin database GUI
mailhog mailhog/mailhog Mail catcher for testing
memcached memcached:1.6-alpine Caching object store

Customizing the web container

You can choose to customize the web container with your own custom application. A sample of that is available as github.com/ten7/flightdeck-drupal

Deployment on Kubernetes

Flightdeck has been in use as a production environment on Kubernetes since 2018. To deploy Flightdeck, it is recommended to use Flightdeck Cluster, an Ansible role used to set up cluster-wide, and site specific services.


Flight Deck is developed and supported by TEN7, whose mission is to Make Things That Matter. Please post an issue on our Github page for general issues. If you have an issue or a feature request for a specific container, please see that container’s git repository.